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Rapdle FAQ

Q: What is Rapdle.com?
A: Rapdle, formally known as Rapdle.com, is a song-guessing game where players recieve 5 random songs every day to identify. For each correct song, the player collects one point. At the end of each week, top users on the leaderboard win prizes such as gift cards & other vouchers.

Q: Is Rapdle.com free?
A: Yes, rapdle.com does not and will never require any payment from our users. Our platform is able to continue through the monetization of ads, so we would gladly appreciate if you could turn off your Ad Blocker in order to continue supporting our service.

Q: How do I win prizes?
A: There are three ways players can earn prizes on Rapdle.com. Every week on Sunday at 11:59pm EST, the winners are drawn. The first way to win is by regularly playing Rapdle.com, as we will pick a random 10 players every week to recieve prizes. The second method will involve us drawing the top 10 players in the leaderboard (those who have collected the most amount of points during the week). The third is by special events Rapdle.com will hold, in which special prizes will be awarded to all users participating in the event. The prizes can include vouchers to gift cards, so be sure to keep playing in order to get them all!

Q: I have specific questions, where could I ask them?
A: The best way to ask questions from our staff & community is by joining our discord. You can do so by clicking here.